In Memory of Our Angel…

We started this blog so people could come here and post all the ways they have paid it forward in memory of Dalton.

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We look forward to learning how you’ve made a small or BIG difference in someone’s life!

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20 thoughts on “In Memory of Our Angel…

  1. A few weeks ago my husband Ahrlin and myself had to go to the store to get a tube of caulk, when we came out with our minor purchase there was a gentleman standing next to our pickup. As we approached he said that our pickup had been hit and the person just kept driving, but he did get his license plate number. Long story short in the end they did locate the car that hit our truck, was a teenager his parents made sure he would own up to his faults. We meet with this young man and his mother today, he was a very sweet boy junior in HS, planning a bright career, works and plays sports. We had settled on a amount much lower and didn’t want to involve his insurance as that would just make a big black mark on his record. We really wanted to let this boy know that we are not mad or hold any bad feelings, we respect that his parents are teaching a lesson. We accepted his check and we in return gave him money and a DoitforDalton pay it forward card, and asked him to buy someone lunch, coffee or whatever. He said he would and would even go to his youth group and tell them the about the experience. As we said it could have been so much worse, no one was hurt and I believe a lesson well learned. I really respect this young man and his parents, he will go far in life… Love is tough at times…

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  2. Thank you to Molly Winsor for allowing us the opportunity to give away two Bruno Mars tickets tonight to a nice couple. I do hope they Pay It Forward!!! -Roni & John


  3. I have a wonderful friend supporting two boys on her own who is experiencing great troubles with one being very depressed and the older brother being a non-supporter and emotional stresser. I have purchased a massage gift card to give to the mother that will show my support. and offer some stress relief. I have included a DIFDL card to offer some remembrance of his wonderful and helpful/giving spirit.

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  4. To whom it may concern. Paying it forward is a great program and I had a young man, Kaden Smith come over and do some yard work for me. He did a wonderful job. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

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  5. We are pleased to inform you that Kaden Smith mowed our entire yard today (May 4) in honor of Dalton.
    We are incredibly thankful for this kindness and wish to honor Kaden by acknowledging the effort he is making in remembrance of a fellow student.

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  6. I’m writing to let you know about how Kaden Smith helped us out these last few weeks. He is such a kind and thoughtful young man. He frequently comes over to say hello and visit, which is not that common for a teenager! We appreciate that he is paying it forward for Dalton Lambrect who we understand was a wonderful young man who was taken from us far to soon.

    These past few weeks, Kaden has mowed our lawn and taken our dog for walks when we couldn’t get home to let her out. These two acts of kindness have been small miracles, especially where our dog is concerned. Kaden performs these acts quietly and thoughtfully.

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  7. I am writing to confirm that Kaden Smith moved my lawn for me this
    weekend. It was a pleasant surprise to have one less chore for the
    weekend. I was sad to hear of the untimely loss of Kaden’s friend at
    such a young age. I applaud the development of a Pay it Forward program
    for the values it can teach both students as well as adults.

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  8. I wanted you to know that Kaden Smith payed it forward by mowing my lawn for me last week. Kaden seems like nice young boy and will be mowing my lawn for the rest of this summer.

    Thank you for all that you do for these boys. What a great thing to do to remember their friend.

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  9. I wanted express our gratefulness of Kaden Smith for paying it forward by mowing our lawn in honor of his friend Dalton Lambrecht who passed away to soon. Prayers for his family.


    Toni Klassen

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  10. Hi,
    I wanted to let you know what an amazing person you have on your football team. Kaden came to my house and asked if he could mow my yard for free in memory of Dalton Lambrect! What a great thing for our community and for the kids.
    Thank you for helping develop these young men.

    Chad Ogburn

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  11. Kaden Smith has completed a good deed (mowing the lawn) for the Filmore family and he wished for nothing in return. His only want was that you pass on this card, along with a good deed, to someone else in need. It can be as big or small a deed as you would like to make it.

    As the recipient of a random act of kindness, words cannot express how touched we were after hearing about Dalton Lambrecht and how Kaden took the opportunity to honor Dalton by ‘Paying It Forward’. As a result of Kaden’s random act of kindness, we have committed to doing our part to keep Dalton’s name and legacy alive. Kaden, thanks for enlightening us to Dalton’s story and the ‘Pay It Forward’ movement.

    Darrell, Cynthia, Dar’rell and Darryl Filmore

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  12. After a long week of travel and desperately needing my morning Starbucks fix this morning, I pulled into the long line that is typical at this particular Starbucks and was so pleasantly surprised when I went to pay I was told the lady in front of me had paid my bill. The server at the window passed along a business card showing In Loving Memory of Dalton Lambrecht and to pay it forward. Such a gracious thing to do and much appreciated! I always try to pay it forward on a regular basis but this simple act of kindness gives me renewed faith that others do the same. God Bless!

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  13. Today I was in a coffee meeting for work. When I went to pay our check my pay it foward cards fell out of my wallet. At that moment I felt compelled to pay for the breakfast tab of young mother and her 3 children seated a few tables away.
    I hope my gesture lifted them up as much as lifted me. I hope they are able to continue the gesture and pay it foward as well.

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  14. A lady I work with has had a series of unfortunate events with her car this year. The last was leaving her sunroof open the weekend we received our rain/snow storms and she was just broken. Earlier that weekend I attended a charity auction and purchased a gift card to a salon downtown. Thinking of Dalton, I gave it to her that following Tuesday saying she needed to go get a pick-me-up after all the grief her car problems have been. She was grateful beyond words. Thanks Dalton for inspiring me to pay it forward!

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  15. We were shopping at Target and one of our purchases gifted us a 5.00 gift card. I was surprised and said thank you to the clerk. As I held it in my hand and thought about you Dalton! So i decided to pay it forward! I handed it to the lady behind us in line and uncle Bill handed her your card. We asked she too in return would pay it forward and do something nice for someone. DIFDL! We love you!

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  16. 4/17/2014…
    Diandra wrote: “Roni, an elderly man happened to be seated alone, next to us at dinner. Tasia and I had a good long chat about our Grandpa Bay and DIFDL and anonymously bought his dinner. I got your cards when we got home. I’ve got them in my wallet now so I’ll have them for all future “payments. ❤ It was a treat to get to overhear his reaction when told he’d been treated to dinner.”

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  17. In memory of a very special person, the Navigator Team of RHMS dedicates our ‘Pay it Forward’ community service project to Dalton. 158 kids have payed it forward multiple times! Kindness is contagious. Thank you, Dalton.

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